What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas


Las Vegas, Sin City, The city that never sleeps. One place, many names. This city is like Disneyland for adults. A lot of people travel here because of the gambling and the legendary partying. The city is surround by neon lights and a sparkling atmosphere. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. 

I have actually spent almost two months in Vegas this year in total. And yeah, I think that you wonder why. The explanation is pretty simple; my boyfriend lived there for a short period while I still lived in Norway before we moved to San Francisco. Anyways, spending that much time in this city allows you to have a lot of fun!

This is from the Bellagio Fountains Water Show, which is totally amazing.

The city that never sleeps – this is totally true. The party never stops. The strip is full of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, fun and crazy people. The chance of bumping into promoters in the street is pretty high, they can put your name on a list for the best nightclubs, and then you do not have to waste any time waiting in line.


Anyways, since I have spent this much time in this city, I have been able to explore more than just partying at The Strip. There are actually a lot of good places for hiking here. We have been to Red Rock Canyon twice, and have hiked both Icebox Canyon (2.6 miles) and Turtleneck Peak (5 miles). Visit this page for info about different hikes you can do.



On the top of Turtleneck Peak.

We were in the trails really early in the morning, before the heat of the sun got a chance to kill us. We were in good spirits, and even if I almost fell down from a rock we tried to climb, we had a really good time. Just him, me and some lizards in the middle of nowhere (without cell phone reception). Even if I thought I was going to die a thousand times during the hikes, it was a really good feeling in the end. And the feeling of getting into the car has never felt better!

Road trip.

During your Vegas trip, you should definitely delegate one of your days to go to the famous Grand Canyon, which has an incredibly beautiful view. If you want the ultimate experience, you can fly out there by helicopter. My friend, Erlend, will fly you safely back and forth. You will find more info here.



Grand Canyon.

Standing on the edge of Grand Canyon is totally indescribable, I felt so free!! My boyfriend was not that excited, he was a bit intimidated by the height and scared that I would fell down. How can a pilot be afraid of heights? Haha, my little baby.


Another thing that I find very fascinating about this city is the extreme marketing and advertising you see allover The Strip. For me, as a marketer, it is interesting to see how many visitors that are exposed to the billboard advertising and how valuable this may be for the companies. I am pretty sure that those kind of advertising capture valuable consumer attention and achieves exceptional marketing return on investment. It comes as no surprise why more than half of the world’s 20 largest hotels are located right here.

What is your impression of Vegas? Have you ever been here?




3 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

  1. First of all, I can’t wait for you to get back to Norway!! However, I see you enjoy life and do well at school. Keep up the hard work, I’m so proud of you.
    Your best friend


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