Every story takes you somewhere..

.. And here I am.

I actually never thought that I would ever make a blog about my life. I guess things can change.

Let me start with a short introduction about my self.


So, this is me. I am a Norwegian girl who recently moved to San Francisco, California to pursue my Masters degree in International Marketing at Hult International Business School. I live together with my boyfriend (and also first love..) that I first met in high school when tons of makeup and a lot of hairspray was all the rage… Amazingly, we found back to each other again, and now we live our little adventure on the other side of the world.

This blog will primarily be my personal travel blog. Since my better half is an airline pilot, we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and experience incredible treasures together around the world.


As a little background story, I will tell you about my first impression by moving to wonderful San Francisco and becoming a California girl. A city that never sleeps! We live in a small but cozy apartment in a nice area called Pacific Heights. We also got us a pet, a fish named “Boeing”. What doesn’t this girl do to please her airline geek boyfriend?

San Francisco offers a lot of diversity. It is a global city with many different nationalities and lots of attractions, so you will get a little piece of everything – just the way I like it! One thing that I miss is Norwegian milk chocolate and candy from this Norwegian brand, Candy King (Care packages are highly appreciated..). Americans have a lot to learn when it comes to candy, but in return they have insanely good cheesecakes … And yeah, my clothes still fit, haha.

Anyways, I hope that you will follow my life and further adventures.


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